Supply chain delays

While we can all agree that the trucking industry is vital to the supply chain, and is an essential business – the trucks can only roll so fast. As the globe is going through a supply chain situation – with large delays in raw materials to finished goods, the demand on the industry is growing.

Supply chain delays Image

Our production facility has not been immune to the supply chain delays. We have been working diligently to keep our lead times to our standard 2-3 weeks, but that hasn’t always been possible in the past few months as our components and material have been impacted with delays. We empathize with our suppliers who are also struggling to get their components in the door, so they can get our components to us.

Pivoting and creative problem solving has become a regular occurrence at our facility, we have learned to expect the unexpected. Determining what to cut and form based on what supplied components we have in stock, in order to complete the order.  Having too many stainless components cut and not being able to complete, package and ship the order only leads to scrapped parts.  The ripple effect in the supply chain is beyond our control – but we continue to work as quickly as possible to get product out the door and onto the trucks.  As with all industries currently, the delays are in many areas – when one supply starts to rebound, another becomes scarce.  We pride ourselves on being upfront with our customers and we are providing updates as much as possible to those impacted.  If you are interested in a particular product, please feel free to give our Customer Service team a call, or send us an e-mail to find out if there are any current supply chain concerns that we can see at this time that might result in delays.  Although it has become difficult to promise anything, we can and will always promise to communicate openly with our customers.