Backlit vs. Underlit – what is the difference?

It is a common question our customer service department receives – what is the difference between underlit and backlit? While the two styles are similar, they are different. Panelite has developed these unique accessories that feature the lites in the underside of the panel instead of the face. There are 2 options for these panels – backlit and underlit.

Backlit is the style that was created for the Kenworth W900 Icon package. The lights are on the lower edge of the stainless steel skirting, out of view. The stainless is bent at an angle – hiding the lights and creating a glow effect.

Underlit is a similar style where the lights are also on the underside edge of the stainless steel skirting, but visible.

Both styles use 3/4″ round LED lights – which are amber with a clear lens.

Each of the styles creates a unique look. Not all makes, models and years are able to have the underlit or backlit skirting based upon design or possible interference.

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