Where to start with accessories? With so many options to choose from, where should you start to personalize your rig?


While many accessories add to the look of the truck, there are many practical accessories to safeguard your investment. From fender guards to grille surrounds, bug and rock deflectors to sunvisors – put your hard earned dollars where they will bring the most benefit.

Our truck accessories don’t just belong in a show-and-shine, they belong on the highways and backroads of North America.

Quality parts will save you money. This can be seen in many ways, for example, after you decide to buy and fit quality parts for your rig, you will avoid cases where you will be required to buy other parts more often. You will also eliminate cases you will have to hire a mechanic who will replace parts on your truck. This will – at the long run – lead you to saving a lot of money which you can use to meet other financial obligations. In order to realize the value of your money you should always insist on buying quality.

Now that you know you’re buying quality parts – which should be the part to buy?=

We always recommend the key areas to protect – fender, windshield and cab. That would be purchasing fender guards, bug/rock shields to protect the windshield and a sunvisor.

Fender guards are the best defense against road debris and the effects of high mileage wear and tear.

Bug/rock shields Helps protect the hood and windshield from rocks and road debris. The bug and grille deflector kits and surrounds provide full frontal coverage to the rig.

Sunvisors – one of the best sources of protection for the driver. There are lots of places you want to soak in the sun – but your cab isn’t one of them. Our extended sunvisors help keep the cab cooler while reducing eye strain.