Grab handles for hood tilting

Bug deflectors are literally designed to help shield your investment from abuse that our environment throws at today’s professional drivers.

Grab handles for hood tilting Image

It’s a no brainer to buy one that is built to handle this task from your trucks first trip until its last.

Dieter’s was the first company to manufacture bug deflectors from a solid piece of stainless steel. We realized quickly we were on to something that would revolutionize bug deflectors for heavy truck. Finally, a bug deflector that would stand up to the severe conditions that professional drivers encounter and will literally last the lifetime of the truck. No corrosion, no rust, no breaking – Lifetime Guaranteed.

How do I open the hood if I have a bug deflector installed?

That is a question we regularly receive. It is an excellent question – since the bug deflector often installs over the built-in grab handle locations are found on the hood. In those cases, our design team have developed grab handles that install at the top edge of our bug deflectors to act as both brackets and grab handles. With modern hood designs Dieter’s styling team wanted to have a user friendly design the was free from the unsightly hood tilt access holes often required with modern trucks. Afterall, one of the main functions of a bug deflector is to provide windshield protection – having holes or gaps in the deflector to access the hood handles is counter productive. Because we make our products from stainless steel we were able to incorporate hood tilt handles into some of our bug deflector designs.  Solution….the best looking and most functional bug deflector for your hard earned dollars.

When it comes to bug deflectors there are plenty of choice in the market. However, only Dieter’s and Panelite offer this…. highest quality non-magnetic stainless steel, true mirror finish (no visible grain) and a product that will never rust, corrode or break!

Bug deflectors with the grab handles are called out on the product descriptions on our website – as well as in our catalogs.

All of the bug deflectors we manufacture have a lifetime guarantee against rust, breakage or corrosion – we supply the necessary hardware to ensure this guarantee.