Recently we launched newly redesigned websites - both our and sites underwent not only cosmetic changes, but we did also change the categories and subcategories.


While it might take a few more “clicks” to get to the options available for you, we did this not to make things more difficult, but to ensure that the right products were being selected.

Since today’s trucks have many different configurations – from short hoods to long hoods, set-back axles and set-forward axles as well as different aerodynamic options, the categories are broken down to help you know which items will fit on your rig. The description of the parts also lists the items, just in case you land on a product through a search and not by clicking through the categories.

With the global market seeing delays in manufacturing sectors, we want to ensure that you are choosing the right product for your application – to avoid unnecessary costs and delays in selecting the incorrect part number.

As we set up the categories and subcategories in each truck make and model, we organized them in the way that we most often ask the questions when we receive calls. For example, air cleaner light bars for Peterbilt and Kenworth are broken down into front and rear, then standard or premium, and from there the standard air cleaner light bars are broken down into if it is a 13” or 15” can – just a few more clicks and you get to see all of the options available for your application. We are continuing to streamline and narrow down the parts and will be separating these further by light style!

While our previous websites did also have this feature, we’ve expanded the “you might also like” selections in the updated sites. Many of our products – especially when it comes to cab and sleeper panels as well as front and rear air cleaner light bars – have the matching products visible under the long description, so finding the sleeper panel you need to match the cab panel you have selected is quicker and more efficient.

Another added feature of our updated websites is the “my account” – you can sign up, save your wish list and send it via email. This is great for gift giving ideas as well – like license plate bezels not just for your rig, but your other ride as well.

If you aren’t comfortable navigating the websites, our customer service team is also available to assist you in determining part numbers.