Aerodynamics and trucking

It isn’t just about electronic logging devices how technology is changing trucking – it is about aerodynamics.

Aerodynamics and trucking Image

As the new models roll off the production lines, trucks are ever changing to become more aerodynamic to help reduce rising fuel costs.

As the next generation or mid-life updates start to change fitment of existing parts, we strive to update our websites with the most accurate information to ensure that the correct parts are ordered. Our customer service team is constantly checking with our design team to confirm fitments.

Aerodynamics of a truck are becoming more and more technical, as different plastics are used over heavier metal pieces. As plastic and fiberglass are easier to mold and shape, the chassis fairings and features on a truck are often constructed using these materials. When it comes to aerodynamics, there is a reason that airplanes are pointy and not squared off at the front. Wind resistance increases as speed climbs – which impacts fuel efficiency.

Besides chassis fairings, more and more trucks are having other aerodynamic features added such as active louvers, wheel covers and underbody shielding.

Our team in the research and development department are always working on new designs and redesigns as trucks evolve and change. While computers aid us with these designs and development, actually putting the product on a truck to see how it installs, looks and impacts the truck is always best.  We want to ensure that the aerodynamic features of the trucks are not impacted by our products.