Lite vs. Light Image

Author : Julie Mingo | September 1, 2021

When it comes to terminology there are some twists that we use when it comes to our products. One of those twists is using the word lite instead of light.

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BBC – not the broadcasting company Image

Author : Julie Mingo | August 20, 2021

Not Beautiful British Columbia. Or Big Bear Chopper. It doesn’t stand for Big Block Chevy either. Nope, not Brake Before Clutch. So why is BBC used in descriptions?

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Grab handles for hood tilting Image

Author : Julie Mingo | August 9, 2021

Bug deflectors are literally designed to help shield your investment from abuse that our environment throws at today’s professional drivers.

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A panel by any other name…. Image

Author : Julie Mingo | August 4, 2021

Often our customer service team receives calls and emails asking for part numbers for hood extension panels and cowl panels – but those are in fact the same piece. Having both a Dieter’s line of…

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