Sleeper size – don’t measure yourself

While measuring locations on your truck is sometimes helpful, when it comes to your sleeper size – the VIN is the place to check.

Sleeper size – don’t measure yourself Image

Different manufacturers use different measuring points, so the best place to ensure you are purchasing the right sleeper skirt for your truck is to have a dealership run your VIN.

A quick call to your dealership with your VIN will go a long way to ensuring that the correct part numbers are provided. Checking the information in the VIN is key – since often where it is measured at the factory or design level could be different than where you are measuring.

An example that recently occurred was a customer called us looking for a set of sleeper skirts for his truck. He had measured 64” long – the sleeper sizes we offered are 62” and 72” options. He thought that maybe he measured slightly wrong, so wanted to order the 62” sleeper panels. Our customer service team checked the drawings of the panels he wanted to purchase, but the length was not the 62” or even 64” as called out – because of what the design specifications of the truck are don’t always a line to the aftermarket. We suggested that he double check with the dealership he was ordering the sleeper panels through to run his VIN to make sure that the panels were correct. Turns out, his sleeper was the 72” one according to the VIN and when the dealership called us, we triple checked with our drawings of the panels and it was exactly the correct measurements. Without the VIN check, the wrong parts would have been ordered.

Many of our sleeper panels are now being designed with the extension panel incorporated – so knowing that information is also vital to determining the correct part numbers.

Sometimes even the length of the extender is needed – as there are different options on certain trucks  – the New Cascadia by Freightliner is a perfect example of this. These trucks have either no extender, 12” extenders or 20-24” extenders.

When in doubt – run your VIN through the dealership to get the most accurate information. The old adage of measure twice cut once unfortunately doesn’t apply to truck accessories.