Lite vs. Light

When it comes to terminology there are some twists that we use when it comes to our products. One of those twists is using the word lite instead of light.

Lite vs. Light Image

No, we don’t mean that it is low-fat, sugar free or low-calorie versions of our products – it is the same high-quality products that have always been offered – we just like to play on words with our name of Panelite.

We use lite on our Panelite line of products to refer to air cleaner lite bars, rear lite bars, lites and just about everything else lited (lighted).

The use of lite was started before Panelite was purchased by Dieter’s – and we continue to use the terminology, just like we pledged to grow the line of accessories using the same high quality standards and materials.

It is good to LITE-N-UP!