Blue. Not purple. And amber, not orange.


Colours have meaning when it comes to brands – and Dieter’s and Panelite are no different. The Dieter’s “D” is a blue colour – not purple as it is often mistaken for – as blue represents some of the main values of the company. Blue is shown as a sign of confidence, loyalty and trustworthy – all qualities that we strive for our products.

We’ve incorporated amber – it’s not orange – as an accent colour on our Panelite line of branding, to bring in the lights that are in our logo. Amber doesn’t have a defined meaning when it comes to business branding – as it is a mixture of orange and yellow. With that being said, that would mean that this colour is joyful, emotes happiness, exciting and creative – all of which both our products and staff are.

Another colour that we utilize in our marketing is grey – which has been shown to strike balance. Our products are along the same lines – as they provide an enhanced look to the truck as well as a level of protection in some cases.

Color is one of the strongest non-verbal forms of communications that designers can use. Color can instantly evoke an emotion and help people understand the brand is being represented.