A panel by any other name….

Often our customer service team receives calls and emails asking for part numbers for hood extension panels and cowl panels – but those are in fact the same piece. Having both a Dieter’s line of products and a Panelite line of products there is sometimes confusion over the terminology we use on our different line of products.

A panel by any other name…. Image

As we grow as a company, we are streamlining our products and adding more information to help the customers, the dealerships and ourselves offer the best products and as much description as possible on our websites.


A lower hood panel, is designed to accentuate and cover the lower portion of the hood – directly behind the wheel well.

There are few different styles that are offered – from the Elite on our Peterbilt offerings to OEM replacements, or covers for the OE version.

For the Elite style, in order for the cab panels and hood extension panels/cowl panels to fit properly the Elite lower hood panel must be used.

Because of their location, lower hood panels are unable to have any lights added and are plain – although for some makes and models there are emblems etched or laser cutout.


On our Dieter’s line of products, we have historically referred to the hood extension panel as a cowl panel. On the Panelite line of products, this panel was known as just the hood extension panel. We call out both on our websites – as we have found that customers use both terms on the regular and in an effort to make things easy to find and identify, we use both terms.

These hood extension panels/cowl panels are designed to fill the gap between the lower hood panels and the steps on most conventional trucks that do not have chassis fairings.

Cowl panels/hood extension panels are available blank – with no lights – or are available with lights to match cab and sleeper panels.


Not all makes and models lend themselves to having lower hood panels or hood extension panels/cowl panels. Especially models that have chassis fairings. Connect with our customer service team to determine part numbers for your application!