Boltless sunvisors 101 – how do they attach to the truck?

If a sunvisor is boltless – how does it get attached to the truck? That’s a question our customer service team often receive.

Boltless sunvisors 101 – how do they attach to the truck? Image

It isn’t a magic trick or an optical illusion – while the name of the visor has boltless in the description – the boltless sunvisors do attach to the truck in a safe and secure manner – using bolts and special brackets. A boltless sunvisor is simply a visor that has a smooth face – with no visible bolts.  Simply put, we have engineered the visor to hide the external fasteners to provide a clean, smooth appearance.

The boltless sunvisor is a popular choice for those wanting a clean modern look to their truck. Due to this clean appearance some customers have even opted to color match their sunvisor to their truck, the lack of visible bolts makes this easier to do as they don’t need to worry about painting the face bolts. Afterall, there are plenty of places you want to soak in the sun, but your cab isn’t one of them. Stainless or body match our sunvisors help keep the cab cooler while reducing eye strain.

Available for many makes and models – either as an OEM replacement or for those rigs that did not come with a factory sunvisor.  Each of the Panelite sunvisors are expertly designed for proper fitment of the intended make and model – no cookie cutter options! The knowledgeable engineers carefully design the sunvisors based upon application – low roof, midroof, highroof, daycabs or sleepers – to ensure quality. We will not offer a sunvisor that doesn’t bolt up 100% safe and secure, in fact we use CAD software and CAD data from our OEM partners to ensure the fit is solid and watertight.

To determine which the right visor for your truck is, connect with our customer service department at or 800-331-7952.