So many options - what do they all mean?


Sunvisor style options

Now that the boltless sunvisor mystery has been explained (see previous blog post Boltless sunvisors 101 – how do they attach to the truck?) it is time to clear up the other styles and descriptions we use for our sunvisors.

Straight style – this visor is a box style that is mostly straight across the top and the bottom. Not many of our sunvisors are designed in this style, as most have at least a small degree of angle.

The bowtie sunvisor – this visor appears just like it sounds, like a bowtie. Wider on the outsides of visor, at the edges closest to the doors, tapering at the center of the sunvisor. The visor can either be directed upwards to a point in the center, or be directed downwards towards the windshield.

Flat bottom bowtie – this visor is similar to a bowtie sunvisor but has a straight edge along the bottom. The wider part of the visor is still at the edges at the doors, but narrows in the center at the top of the visor only.

Flat top bowtie – the opposite of the flat bottom sunvisor. Similar to the bowtie, with the wider part of the visor at the edges, and narrow in the center. The flat top bowtie sunvisor is straight along the top of the visor.

V-bottom sunvisor – this is the most common style of sunvisor offered. Exactly as it sounds, the visor comes to a point in the center to form a v shape. The top also angles in to the center, although not as at a sharp of an angle as the lower portion of the visor.

Any of the styles of visor offered could also be the boltless design. Each of the Panelite sunvisors are expertly designed for proper fitment of the intended make and model – no cookie cutter options! The knowledgeable engineers carefully design the sunvisors based upon application – low roof, midroof, highroof, daycabs or sleepers – to ensure quality. We will not offer a sunvisor that doesn’t bolt up 100% safe and secure, in fact we use CAD software and CAD data from our OEM partners to ensure the fit is solid and watertight.

To determine which the right visor for your truck is, connect with our customer service department at or 800-331-7952.