Air Cleaner Lite Bars – what you need to know

Air cleaner light bars are a great addition to any truck. Adding front and rear bars helps to increase visibility on the roads – while adding some personal style to your rig. Light bars are available for both the front and the rear of an air cleaner.
Determining which light bar is for you, requires a little information about type of air cleaner, size and a few other items.
1. The first is to know if your air cleaner is a standard or a premium air cleaner. To determine your type of can, look at the top of the air cleaner – where the cover meets the can. If there is a flange, the air cleaner is Standard. If it is flat, with no flange, the air cleaner is a Premium.

Standard Can VS. Premium Can

2. The diameter of the air cleaner is also important – knowing if the air cleaner is 13” or 15”. As well, if the air cleaner is a Donaldson or a Vortox.
3. The mount – which is the distance between the bottom of the can and the center of the first strap.
4. The length – the distance between the bottom of the screen and the bottom of the air cleaner can.
Now you can pick your light style and visit your local dealership to order. Why not add an air cleaner fairing to hide the intake hose? Our customer service department is also available to help with determining part numbers for you – connect with knowledgeable representatives at or 800-331-7952