On the assembly line, at the dealership or in your garage, Panelite puts the original in original equipment.

Trusted as an industry leader in quality & innovation, Panelite is the preferred lite panel and “chrome” accessory supplier to nearly every heavy truck manufacturer in North America.

Panelite is also the aftermarket brand of choice for truckers everywhere.

So wherever you buy parts – spec the most original equipment available & demand Panelite. Our Panelite line of products are available for purchase through all OEM dealerships in North America. Any dealership – Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Mack, Peterbilt, Volvo and Western Star – are able to purchase all of the products regardless of manufacturer. That means even if you drive a Peterbilt, your local Western Star dealership is able to order that sunvisor for you. That being said, there is a bit of secret code for each OEM dealership to have our part numbers load in their ordering system. In order for the parts contained in this catalog and on the panelite.com website to load in your ordering systems, the following pre-fix or suffix is needed:

Freightliner: PNL…

International: PL…

Kenworth: …PNL

Mack: 7139-

Peterbilt: …PNL

Volvo: PNN…

Western Star: PNL…

For example, if you are interested in a license plate bezel constructed of high-quality 304 non-directional stainless steel available in quantities of 30 as part number 90851004 you can take that part number to the OEM dealership of your choice. If you visit a Freightliner dealership, they will enter the part as PNL90851004. An International dealership will enter the part number as PL90851004, Kenworth would enter 90851004PNL, Mack enters 7139-90851004, Peterbilt enters 90851004PNL, while a Volvo dealership enters PNN90851004 and a Western Star dealership would enter PNL90851004. Regardless of how the part is entered at what OEM dealership – the customer is receiving the same great product, just each OEM has their own system for part numbers.

The Panelite products are made to order, and have a 2 week (10 business day) lead time and then will ship direct to the dealership that placed the order.

Still have questions on where to order our products? Reach out to our customer service team at 800-331-7952 or info@panelite.com with your postal or zip code and our team can locate a dealership for you.