There are many questions that our customer service team receives on a regular basis. We thought we would answer some of the common ones in our second installment of FAQ. Here are the answers to three of the top questions we receive.

FAQ – VOL II Image

Question 1 – Male vs. Female wiring harnesses?.

While it may seem straight forward, the male and female wiring harnesses actually refer to the connection on the inside of the plug  – be it a metripack or a bullet plug. Diagrams are available of the harnesses on the website, and we can always email you a bigger diagram if you need it.

This is one that still makes our customer service team flinch – everytime there is a call for wiring harnesses. We often need to take a few minutes to look into the customer’s question and call or email back the information – as we value our clients time and know that it is more efficient for us to take your contact information and look into the question and call you back, instead of keeping you on the line. We often also double check with other members of the team, or our Research and Development department just to make sure we are providing the accurate information.

Question 2 – Kenworth T680 transition panels – highroof vs. mid-roof – what’s the difference?  For Kenworth T680 sleeper models with underbody exhaust, there are transition panels designed to link the cab panels to the sleeper panels. As there are different variations on the trucks – either high-roof or mid-roof – there needs to be a specifically designed transition panel for each application. For high-roof models, there are a few more panel options offered for this piece, due to the shape. Unfortunately, for mid-roof models there is only one option available for this piece, 20962029. Due to the size and shape of the panel, no lite options are available.

Question 3 –  Peterbilt 579 – why only a filler panel for EPIQ models?  Along the same lines as the question above, we often get asked about transition panels for the 579 underbody exhaust sleeper models. When it comes to the Peterbilt 579 (and 567 for that matter) there are many variations available – from shorthood (117” BBC) to long hood (123” BBC), underbody exhaust, cab exhaust, Ultraloft and EPIQ packages – that our Research and Development team carefully designed panels to meet the many options. As a result, Peterbilt 579 sleeper models with the EPIQ package require specific cab, transition and sleeper panels. The transition panel for the EPIQ model is available under part number 10962032. For those Peterbilt 579 sleeper models with underbody exhaust but without the EPIQ package, the transition panel that links the cab and sleeper panels is built into the sleeper panel. .

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