When designing a replacement for an OEM part, our Research and Development team takes a careful look at the space the part is going and evaluates many options. Many times, changes are made to improve the design of the piece – and adding an enhancement. This is the case for the cab panels for W900 models.


While the OEM kick panel is 40” long on the passenger side and 43” long on the driver side, our kick panels are listed as longer – measuring 51.67” long – for a very simple reason. The Panelite and Dieter’s cab panels are designed to extend under the hood latch – to protect the paint area in that location.



Adding length and extending the cab panel/kick panel into this location also adds stability to the panel as there are additional mounting locations. It also provides with a continuous look to the under door area.

While the cab panel is longer, lights are not able to be accommodated in this extended area due to interference from the mounting block.




A few key things to know when looking to replace the OEM panel on the W900 with one of our kick panels – the year of the truck, the model  – is it a W900B or a W900L? DayCab or Aerocab? Block heater(s), step lights? Our customer service team is available to assist in determining part numbers and can easily locate the right accessory.   Reach out to a member of the team at 800-331-7952 or